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Building an innovative App

Remember your first TV? Remember your first microwave? Remember your first cell phone? Remember your first smartphone? Remember the first time you completed the difficult task of appealing your assessed value?

These “firsts” all seem like they were years ago and yes some were. These inventors were considered cutting edge and for a good reason. How many of these products were looked at with skeptical eyes before they became the norm? Without products like these, where would we be? They have all simplified our lives and the Property Tax Dr. App is no different.

We designed this innovative software to make property assessment appeals as easy as turning on a smartphone, or warming up a slice of pizza. Ease of use and accuracy have been front and center in our goals to create the most comprehensive assessment appeal App. We arrived on the scene because you recognized a need to accurately appeal your assessed value. Yes, this is a new concept and yes it will make appeals much easier and this is why we are launching a free version App so you will be able to test the waters before you jump in.

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