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New year New property valuation

Welcome to 2020! Will this be the year that you appeal or will you continue swallowing that hard to swallow tax bill? Is there anything worse than receiving that new tax bill? Ok, so maybe April 15th is a tough one as well. Whenever you get your property tax bill, you know that it will likely be higher than the year before even though your property value has remained the same or even had a slight decrease. Government seems to never have enough money and they lean on you, the homeowner for additional revenue. It is almost like they push a huge tax pill down your throat and don’t give a glass of water to help it go down. The Property Tax Dr. is here to help by taking that tax pill and reducing its size so it won’t choke you on the way down.

You may not be up for reevaluation this year but this doesn’t preclude you from appealing your assessed value. Every homeowner should do an assessment checkup every year and the Property Tax Dr. allows you to do this yearly once you download the app. We designed this app to simplify the entire appeal process. We designed the Property Tax Dr. so that you can take your time to detail the information needed to accurately create a comprehensive appeal summary. You wont have to deal with strangers walking around your home, this project is 100% on your time table, you will be guided through every valuation tool ( most law firms and consultants will only use the comparable factor) that is available. Your home is unique and to rest only on comparables is missing the boat.

We want to help that tough pill go down much easier. By shrinking your tax bill by 10-20-30% or more can help you keep your money where it belongs.