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Property tax and how to lower those bills

Yes, you can lower tax bills and here are some examples of assessment reductions. Ted P used our Property Tax Dr. to reduce his tax bill by $2020 a year. How did he do it? Here are some of the ways he reduced his assessed value. We went over his house with a quick walkthrough so we had an idea about his house ( the app was not completed so we used our knowledge of the app to guide the homeowner). We started by looking at the PRC (property record card) and checked for Age accuracy, Depreciation accuracy, Grade accuracy, CDU accuracy, Square footage accuracy, and the list goes on. What we found in Ted’s home was that many errors of valuation were prevalent. The home had an actual age of 11 yrs old but the assessor had not updated this and valued the home as a 1 yr old home ( age depreciation is a huge factor in value). Next, we moved on to square footage accuracy and found a deck that was not measured correctly ( over 100 sq ft of the deck didn’t exist). The cement patio under the deck was equally wrong. The next item was the homes Grade, even though Ted has a very nice and modern home, it was built using average build materials and the assessor had given it one grade above average. We then went and documented the overall condition to show supporting evidence. Ted’s home was originally valued by the assessor at $360,000, he presented information that lowered his FMV (fair market value) to $290,000 which accurately displayed the going rate for similar homes in his area.

Yes, Ted saved big money but he couldn’t have done this without the knowledge he gained from our Property tax Dr.

Assessors use 3 equations to place a value on your home, The Property Tax Dr. uses over 300 equations to give the most accurate value for your home.

Accuracy at your fingertips