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These property owners used our app to save large sums of money. Everyone of these people that appealed never had to attend the board of review hearing because the BOR granted their requests. We supplied these homeowners with all the tools they needed to develop a compelling summary that accurately provided all the information that the board of review needed to override the local assessors decision and grant the requestees appeal

- Property Tax Dr.

This App saved us over $2000 a year, this is real savings that we can put back into our home

- Miles S

I saved $685.00 per year on a rental property

- Amanda S

Using this program, we discovered our homes square footage was off by nearly 300 square feet and we were also over assessed on a porch, we save approximately $1350 on our property tax bill

- Shannon N

Accurate property assessment found several errors in square footage and classification that led to a $1700.00 savings

- Scott M

I spoke with my assessor about reducing my tax bill and they scoffed at me, I contacted Accurate property assessment and they came out and did a complete survey of my home. I turned in my appeal to the board of review and was granted a $2020.00 reduction per year

- Ted P