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Keeping the money you work so hard for.

You work hard for the money you earn. Are you paying more than you should because the local assessor has valued your home too high? 60% of homeowners are assessed higher than you should be. Nationally less than 3% will appeal their assessment, why you ask? It is difficult for the average citizen to wade through the murky assessment waters. Lawyers will charge you a fee of 33% of your savings, Appraisers can charge from $400 to $1000 for their services. The Property Tax Dr. will give you everything you need in a detailed summary that simply needs to be sent to your assessor, board of review, or the state appeals board. We speak their language and most often the Assessor agrees with 100% of the analysis.

What will extra cash mean to you?

Successful appeals translate to money in your pocket. Can that be several payments for a new car, maybe a boat or new kitchen appliances, how about building your savings account? Whatever you want, you decide. It is your money after all.

At Accurate Property Assessment Inc. using our Property Tax Dr. you will have the key to unlock savings.

The Property Tax Dr. is an easy, comprehensive and informative way to accurately appeal your assessment. We developed this APP to simplify the assessment appeal process. In our App, you will be guided using our unique accurate assessment photo/documentation tool, and built-in calculators that are specific to your neighborhood, making assessment valuation easy as 1- 2- 3. When you complete the entire process, you will have at your hands the most comprehensive and accurate assessment appeal documentation available to the public.